Welcome to our hive! We thank you for supporting our small business. FREE SHIPPING on orders over $50 with promo code "Buzz" *As of 2/12/24 I will be taking time to be with our new baby, all shipped items will be delayed as I spend time with family.

Bee Country

A family owned rural bee farm dedicated to offering quality raw honey products and live bee colonies. Proudly growing the bee population near the Buffalo and Rochester NY area.

Variety Flavors

Bees produce honey in different shades and flavors throughout the year. We offer them all!

Nucleus Colonies

We produce and sell hundreds of nucs every spring. Now accepting orders!

Grafting Queens

Have a hive without a queen, or making spilts? We graft and sell our very own!

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I bought 2 hives when I first started beekeeping, from Mark and Mike. What incredibly nice people. They answered so many questions. Highly recommend. (Also bought honey and creamed honey. So delicious!) 

Hanna Erion

I have never tasted honey as delicious as theirs!
I was never a fan of honey but my husband along with friends and family love it so when it came time to make favors for my sons wedding in 2017 something with honey was the logical choice.
I bought some honey from Bee Country for the favors and was SOLD as first taste!!! As I said previously, I have NEVER tasted honey so delicious! Since then I have never bought honey anywhere else, nor am I allowed to lol. Thank you Bee Country for winning me over and satisfying my family and friends tastebuds! 

Tricia Giglio

Bee Country is exceptionally quick at addressing questions. With fast shipping, great prices, good people, and great honey, what more could you ask for! The honey has a complex and delicate flavor profile, fruity, almost like berries and some nice minty basswood notes. I’m very satisfied! 

Jason Lang

Picked up 4 queens. Very happy with the service. 

Christopher Behn

🐝 The BUZZ about Bee Country 🐝

The best way to “save the bees” is to support your local beekeeper. Every purchase helps us help the bees.