How and why can we guarantee our bees?

It’s actually quite simple, we personally make every single nuc and queen. That sounds like a given but it’s surprising how many companies are reselling bees. We have a hands on personal business where just 2 people are responsible for every nuc/queen produced, not mass produced by someone with hired help. The main problem with mass produced nucs is that they get bought and resold. They can be resold without any inspection whatsoever and eventually passed onto you the customer. If there’s no quality control how can anyone be certain of what they are selling or buying ? We get far too many people that come to us and need a queen or a nuc because theirs failed and the company they got it from doesn’t actually produce nucs or queens so they can’t help them.

Also many mass produced nucs are all done so in the south around Florida/Georgia and shipped up north in April. Now many people don’t see the problem with that but if you get bees in April there is almost zero forage for them then and you could potentially lose your bees before they ever get started by starvation.
Also 100% of our bees never go through any form of pollination. So many bee companies travel all the way to California for pollination then back to Florida to make nucs to sell to people all over the US. Almond pollination is tough on the bees and the long distance traveled isn’t easy either. Most times these companies are very willing to part with their old comb that sometimes contains high levels of pesticide/fungicide/herbicide and other toxic chemicals within the wax. This is the main reason we never pollinate. We want heathy bees and we want our customers to have the same. Working with Cornell University we have found that we have some of the cleanest wax and healthiest bees possible. 

Our success as a company is entirely dependent on your success as a customer. We hope that a guarantee shows how much we believe in that statement. 

We guarantee our nucs for the first 2 weeks after you take them home. 90% of the time any problem that comes up has to due with the queen. We cover any form of a failed queen whether she’s gone missing, gets injured or becomes a drone laying queen and will replace her at no cost to you within 2 weeks. If you ever have any issues please provide pictures of the colony so we can determine if you need a queen or a replacement nuc altogether. Unfortunately after 2 weeks bees will be bees and we can no longer guarantee anything but let us know and we will do our best to help you out.