Welcome to our hive! We thank you for supporting our small business. FREE SHIPPING on orders over $50 with promo code "Buzz" *As of 2/12/24 I will be taking time to be with our new baby, all shipped items will be delayed as I spend time with family.


Wholesale Pickup Pricing cash/check

Credit cards add an additional 3% 


Honey by the case for resale (12 in a case)

1/2 pints (.75lbs)
Pints (1.5lbs)


Quarts (3lbs)


Small Comb (8oz)


Large Comb



Pint with Comb



Honey in bulk (Additional discounts for businesses and large quantities) 

2 Gallon Bucket  $125
5 Gallon Bucket    $250
55 Gallon Drum    $2310


Bulk Wax 

Light wax 20+ lbs $10/lb

Dark wax 20+ lbs $7.50/lb


Honeybees (Please contact for current pricing)

Nucleus colonies Price break over 10 
Queens  Price break over 10



Woodenware (Please contact for current pricing)

We offer discounts for all our woodenware when purchased in large quantities. Please preorder and place a deposit on wholesale woodenware.  

For all wholesale orders please contact Mike at 585-813-1243 or email beecountryapiary@gmail.com to schedule a pickup time. Prices may not be up to date and might vary.