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About Us

Bee Country 

Beecountry.net provides various products from our apiaries. Whether your a honey lover or a avid bee keeper we have a little something for you. All of our honey is natural raw and never overheated or fine filtered. 

Nucleus colonies of bees or nucs are a best seller here at Bee Country. We specialize in northern beekeeping, and never move our bees south!Queens can bee ordered either mated or virgins and they all come from the same stock of northern survivors.

Honey of course is always available at beecountry.net, local raw and never fine filtered! We do differ from some raw honey producers because we keep our raw honey in liquid form. We never heat the honey more than the bees themselves do, which is 100 degrees. Raw honey contains many enzymes and pollen that has many health benefits!

Raw honey will crystallize, to re-liquify place the jar into a pot with water and slowly heat on the stove. Keep liquid honey in a warm place to avoid crystallization. Similarly creamed honey will liquify if kept too warm. Keep cream in a cool place. All of our honey products if kept in a  sealed container have an infinite shelf life ! 

Beecountry.net is a family owned and operated business. We strive to please, feel free to contact us with any questions or just to discuss bees!