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Honeybee nucs (deposit only)
Honeybee nucs (deposit only)
Honeybee nucs (deposit only)
Honeybee nucs (deposit only)
Honeybee nucs (deposit only)

Honeybee nucs (deposit only)

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Orders are now being taken for 2020 spring season! Bee sure to leave a phone number when you place your order.

New to beekeeping ? Check out our new-bee 1 year support nuc package. Bee Country will help you through your first year of becoming a beekeeper. 

 All nucs are our survivor stock bees with a newly bred queen in a five frame cardboard nuc. Two frames are honey/pollen essential for hive growth and two are growing brood or baby bees. The last frame is left open for the hive to build on and expand. We believe in making nucs from “parent colonies” rather than putting a package of bees into a nuc and selling it as is. The most important part of starting a new colony is a great queen and we won’t sell it until she has proven herself. We raise our own queens from our northern stock of survivor bees. These bees live in western New York year round and never leave. We believe migratory keepers mess with the bees too much and it effects the wintering of the bees themselves.

Our passion is bees and teaching people about bees, we will try our best to create the most enjoyable experience for you and guide you along the way as you learn. 

If your interested please get in contact with us. We do require a deposit to ensure you are serious about the purchase. Total cost for the nuc is $165 plus tax. The final $100 is due when you pickup the nuc. Please make checks payable to Bee Country at 321 Geise road, Darien NY 14040. 

Please leave your information along with your phone number with your order so I can call you when the nucs are ready! 🐝

We offer support for new customers just beginning their beekeeping adventure. We offer classes and I run a page called bee Country new-bees on Facebook to answer your questions throughout your first year.

Click here for more info introduction-to-beekeeping or check out our new mobile support package and become a Bee Country VIP member. 

We are located between Buffalo and Rochester, both being about a 45 min drive.

Need some equipment to go along with your bees ? We can help, check out our equipment and kits that you can pickup when you get your nucs.

*We cannot ship the nucs so we only offer pickup only.* pickups are weather dependent, we always shoot for the end of May. These are created colonies of bees not packages. They will not be sold unless we have given them approval of a well laying queen and brood pattern. We pride ourselves in our work and sometimes we can’t rush the bees so patients is key ! 

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