Hive starter kit
Hive starter kit

Hive starter kit

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Get a head start on your 2019 bee keeping year with this kit. Your nucs will grow quickly so don’t get caught off guard. We always advise to have this kit setup before you bring your nucs home. 

Includes two deep hive bodies filled with wooden frames and rite-cell foundation, telescoping top, inner cover and bottom board. 

If you decide you’d like to purchase this and also are buying bees from us we can arrange to have everything ready for you so you only have to come once.

We advise to keep a spare box or two around your apiary to catch swarms or just to keep up with the bees. Life sometimes gets in the way of keeping bees and putting a box on to buy time is much better than watching them fly away.

Contact me for more information, I will sell equipment individually and will also make specialized orders before the busy bee season arrives. I understand that bees are unpredictable so sometimes you get caught unprepared so we can help !

🐝 due to the high cost I cannot offer shipping at this time, customer is responsible for pickup at our location. I can answer any questions or concerns in person much better than online! Come see us.