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Variety Bundle (3 varieties)
Variety Bundle (3 varieties)

Variety Bundle (3 varieties)

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Our newest option for our variety loving customers. All NY raw honey, unprocessed, lightly filtered and jarred with care. 

Box includes 3 half pint jars 


Jar 1: Spring Honey (Right in picture)

Our lightest in color and flavor honey the bees produce. Composed of many early blooming flowers like dandelions and clovers as well as flowering trees. This honey has a slight fruity flavor and quite difficult to produce. 


Jar 2: Wildflower Honey (Center in picture)

Slightly easier to make the bees go full force on a multitude of flowers including purple aster, goldenrod and thistle. This produces a slightly darker honey that is more bold in flavor. This is a great honey for cooking. 


Jar 3: Buckwheat Honey (Left in picture)

This honey is derived solely from buckwheat flowers. A totally unique bold flavor that is highly sought after. This honey is desirable due to its extremely high health benefits (generally the darker the honey the more antioxidants and health benefits). 


Note: Darker honey tends to crystallize much quicker. This is ok so don’t worry, some people prefer crystallized honey. You can always de-crystallize by placing the jar of honey into a warm water bath.