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Our Beginning

I vividly remember the day, my heart pounding as my dad took the top off of the first hive he bartered for and thousands of bees peaked out at me. I thought I was in for it, thinking to myself why would anyone ever want to willingly do this. All I ever knew is bees are jerks, they are aggressive nasty insects who only want to ruin your day if you so happen to come across them. Though this wasn't the case, and I was amazed at how little actually happened. Not like the hornets from my childhood that chased us relentlessly, seemingly only content once your day has been ruined. As the top was set down I could tell immediately these bees were different. I was amazed at how the bees were so busy working they didn't even notice the two guys in nuclear protective bomb suits staring at them.
Ever since that day in the summer of 2008 me and my dad had been hooked. We were fascinated. We read, we watch, we obsessed with anything and everything honeybees. The more we learned the more intrigued we became and one of our most influential teachers were the bees themselves. We found an overwhelming amount of information online and found that anyone and everyone was posting online about beekeeping. It varied from complete nonsense to some very useful tips. This is why we let the bees lead us, we learned enough from them to be able to sort through the craziness of everything online.
We began our quest to save the bees. We removed honeybees from buildings that were going to be demolished or the bees were about to be exterminated. This is an extremely invasive process. In order to successfully remove a colony of honeybees you must remove all the comb, honey, and bees. This was almost always a tough job especially since bees love getting themselves into tiny spaces in walls, floors or eves. It also requires cutting a hole in the wall or floor while wearing protective bee suits. Theres definitely an art to it, go to fast and the bees get angry and you'll end up cover in honey also. Too slow and the bees will sense the fact that they need to retreat and you'll end up chasing bees.
So fast forward ten years and here we are. Honeybees are still our obsession, our passion, and our business. We never intended on being beekeepers, just backyard bee ‘havers”. We didn't know at the time saving bees from abandoned buildings would lead to our winter survivor stock of bees. We never knew all the knowledge we've pick up along the way would be so helpful for other beginning their journey. It was and is all a blessing. We learned enough to be effective and were lucky enough to stumble into something amazing. We pride ourselves in what we do and what we sell because we take pride in how we got to this point.