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Half Pint of Raw Honey
Half Pint of Raw Honey

Half Pint of Raw Honey

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The half pint size is our smallest but also one of the most popular. This is the perfect size for a gift or to use in that recipe you’ve been wanting to try out.

Now available in two distinct flavors. The light summer honey that your used to buying and now the darker more rich in flavor fall wildflower honey.  

Raw all natural honey from our bees located in western NY. Never processed or pasteurized to keep health benefiting enzymes.

Raw Honey never goes bad as long as it’s in a closed container! It will crystallize though if left in a cool area for a period of time. To re liquify place jar in a pot with water on the stove and heat slowly until clear and golden again. Don’t heat over 100 as you will lose healthy enzymes and pollen ! 

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