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Comb Lovers Bundle
Comb Lovers Bundle

Comb Lovers Bundle

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Comb Lovers Gift Box 

We've combined our popular comb products to create this gift box, our box Includes:

  1. One piece of our cut comb squares 8oz Great to eat with a fork and in its comb still so you know it's 100% natural. A fun snack for the kids and it is actually good for them !
  2. A pint of honey with comb pieces. You get some more comb to snack on or use as a spread and get 100 natural honey along with it. Many like to put it on a warm piece of toast, bagel, muffin or biscuit!
  3. Honey sticks. Another popular product with kids is honey sticks. We've included two varieties in this box to keep everyone happy. The light colored ones are orange blossom and the dark ones are wildflower.