Welcome to our hive! We appreciate you business and thank you for your support through these uncertain times. We are open but very busy, if you need to get in touch with us please do so via beecountryapiary@gmail.com, Bee Safe, Bee Heathly

Spliting hives and making increases class
Spliting hives and making increases class

Spliting hives and making increases class

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In efforts to do what’s best for the safety of our customers, we are following suit in light of the current situation and canceling all of our class until further notice.

We hope to find time in the future to reschedule, but the weather is turning and we can’t guarantee there will enough time during the busy season to conduct these classes. We will be initiating refunds at this time, and will keep everyone posted if a future date does arise. We want to do what’s best for our community, but apologize for any inconvenience.

Come learn how to multiply and increase your established bee yard. One of our favorite things to do with bees is to help them grow and multiply.
This is a more advanced class and we would encouraged beekeepers with at least 2+ years of experience to come. This is a hard topic to cover with a lot of explanation required so we won’t have time to cover basic bee terminology. 

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call/text 585-813-1243 

Class Date: 3/21/2020