Honey of the Month Club
Honey of the Month Club
Honey of the Month Club

Honey of the Month Club

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Let our worker bees do the work for you! This Honey of The Month Club is the perfect subscription for those who love the natural taste and health benefits that raw honey has to offer, without having to search high and low for it! The honey that our bees produce throughout the season will be delivered right outside their door. This monthly variety makes a fun gift to give but also a fun gift to treat yourself with because the flavors vary, making it a fun surprise for everyone! 🐝 🎁 


Some of the variety includes our personal touch. We create creamed honey, which is honey who's crystals we've controlled to create a delicious creamy spread. We also create a naturally flavored line of honey that gives fun new tastes from our standard options. This guarantees that you'll never receive the same kind of honey twice - even with the 12 month subscription!

An example of monthly flavors:

  1. January- Buckwheat (very dark)
  2. February- Chocolate Creamed (flavored)
  3. March- Orange Infused (flavored)
  4. April- Raspberry Creamed (flavored)
  5. May- Spring Wildflower (clover/dandelion)
  6. June- Strawberry (flavored) 
  7. July- Lavender (flavored)
  8. August- Summer Wildflower (clover/honeysuckle)
  9. September- Japanese knotweed (dark)
  10. October- Pumpkin Spice Creamed (flavored)
  11. November- Fall Wildflower (goldenrod/thistle)
  12. December- Cinnamon Creamed (flavored)

*flavored honey is produced gluten free and allergen free that doesn’t alter any of it's natural health benefits*

Cost INCLUDES shipping and one half pint jar every month. If this is purchased as a gift, please be sure to include the correct shipping address with your purchase. Orders will be shipped at the beginning of every month. Please note that if an order is placed mid-month, we use our discretion to either ship immediately, or wait for the following month unless a preference is noted. 

Please email any specific info to beecountryapiary@gmail.com!


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