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Honey of the Month Club
Honey of the Month Club
Honey of the Month Club
Honey of the Month Club

Honey of the Month Club

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This honey subscription is perfect for the person who loves local, raw honey but never quite has the time to head down to the farmers market on the weekends. Our worker bees will do the work for you. You’ll experience all our varieties of honey that the bees make throughout the season. We’ll send you a jar of 100% pure raw honey every month. Problem solved!  

🐝 🎁 Our monthly subscription also makes a perfect gift for that person in your life who seems to have everything!

Cost INCLUDES shipping and one half pint jar every month. If this is purchased as a gift please make sure to include the correct shipping address along with your purchase. I will ship the orders at the beginning of every month, with the first initial order I will decide to ship immediately or wait until the filling month depending on the date the order was placed, unless specified by you.

Please email us any specific info at beecountryapiary@gmail.com Thank you !

One of the amazing things about bees is how we don’t really have control over what they do. They will fluctuate from year to year depending on the flowers available, and to produce honey for this sized jar they need to visit 1.5 million flowers! So rather than fight the bees and having a set schedule of a certain honey every month I go with the flow. It’s exciting to find what they make from month to month and I am just as excited to share with you.

Part of the variety includes my personal touch. I make creamed honey which is a crystallized honey spread and is 100% the same honey but due to controlling the crystals it’s a creamy spread (check out my other items to view). I am also working on a naturally flavored line of honey to give many potential varieties, such as for Valentine’s Day I’m making a chocolate creamed honey. Even with your 12 month subscription you will never receive the same kind of honey twice !

An example of monthly flavors:

  1. January- Buckwheat honey  
  2. February- Chocolate creamed honey (flavored)
  3. March- Orange infused honey (flavored)
  4. April- Raspberry creamed honey (flavored)
  5. May- Spring wildflower (clover/dandelion)
  6. June- Strawberry (flavored) 
  7. July- Lavender honey (flavored with lavender)
  8. August- Summer wildflower (light honey)
  9. September- Japanese knotweed (dark)
  10. October- Pumpkin spice creamed honey (flavored)
  11. November- Goldenrod honey 
  12. December- Cinnamon creamed honey 

*flavored honey is done with a gluten and allergen free flavored powder that doesn’t alter any of the honeys natural health benefits*

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