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Bee Country VIP's

Bee Country VIP's

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We are passionate about bees and teaching people about them. As beekeeping has become more popular we get more and more people wanting all the help and information they can receive. The best way to get this help has become through a smart phone. Googling is a useful tool but sometimes a phone call along with pictures is the way to go. We provide as much help as we can now to our customers but our time is quickly becoming our most valuable asset.

This membership puts a beekeeper in your pocket. If you can run a smartphone you can send pictures videos and chat about what’s happening in your hive. We can guide you though the year of keeping bees and you can rest assured they are properly taken care of if your feeling inexperienced. 

To get unlimited access and to become our vip member is $35 for the year. We will guide you along you way whether you need help starting your bee keeping hobby or want to learn how to make your hobby into a business.